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Jiayou GaoShan, Jiayou Haonaner!

Yeah, I have joined a Chinese TV Show called JiaYouHaonaner (-> Go good man!). It is a Chinese equivalent to the American Idol program. And I was lucky enough to make it to the Top 10 in Shanghai. Then, it was time for me to go: I was picked with ShenYang, a true Chinese hero who works as a Pilot for China Eastern and was on the first flight crew of the first commercial flight from the Chinese mainland to Taiwan. A very historic moment. I am glad that I enabled Shenyang to pass to the next round :-)

New Songs!
Finally, Gaoshan has recorded his first Chinese song ;-). Its from my favourite Chinese Artist: TaoZhe. For me, he combines Chinese music with soul feeling. He should be listened to all over the world :). This song is actually half Chinese. A very good composition of ShaTan (Beach) and Somewhere over the rainbow.
TaoZhe: ShaTan - Somewhere over the rainbow

TV Songs
Since my singing on TV is not the easiest thing (you can't really hear yourself, the sound mixing is mostly not accurate, you are KINDA nervous), I decided to record my songs again in a studio so that you can listen to the real GaoShan ;-)

Round 5: GaoShan - Shanghai, Shanghai
Round 4: GaoShan - Can you feel the Love tonight
Before: GaoShan - Well alright, ok, you win!

In case you would like to see Stefan on Chinese TV, you can download the TV captures below :)

5th Round Fan Video: Singing "Shanghai, Shanghai!" [MPG, 43MB]

Round 3 - 5: downloadable with BitComet:
5th Round: Singing "Shanghai, Shanghai" and acting "hit on a girl" instead of "show true love on first sight" ;-) oops... [BitTorrent, real video, 300mb]
4th Round: Singing "Can you feel the love tonight" [BitTorrent, real video, 200mb]
3rd Round: GaoShan's life story [BitTorrent, real video, 200mb]

Round 2: Singing "Yueliang Daibiao wo de xin" [AVI, 220mb] - [Request]
Round 1: Singing "The way you look tonight" [AVI, 70mb]
Presentation Video: Showing GaoShan at work and in the Gym [AVI, 22mb]

Check out my Year 2005 Review
Normally, these reviews are written in form of letters or emails. But I decided this year to produce a movie-like presentation with voice and music. No reading required! Just download the archive, unpack it into a directory and start the PPS file. Then lean back and enjoy the Show!
For your convenience, I have also added a Navigation menu. So you don't have to do the whole thing in one go and can start from another chapter the next time you watch :-)
Download Review:
USA/Europe Mirror
Asia Mirror

TheNewEconomy.de is online!
Actually, I bought this domain to build a center of discussion about the information economy. However, ever since the dot com bust with all my shares shrinking to a minimum, my motivation slightly decreased to maintain this site.

But time has passed and as I have worked and studied in China, I see this country as the new growth market of the world economy. China has been a mecca for manufacturers for quite some time now but now, service providers move up to more value-added service offerings.

For my part, Im happy that I had the chance to work at IBM in China where they operate a large SAP Competence center which offers implementation, customization and maintenance services to domestic and overseas customers. During my work at this department, I wrote my bachelor thesis about Knowledge Focus Strategy in China - thus analyzing the differences of Chinese and Westerners when it comes to Knowledge Work.
For my part, Im happy that I didn't sell the domain since now I can use it again as the New Economy is... Knowledge Work in China!

Cook Islands Travel Diary
Wow, the Cook Islands travel diary is finished! For everybody who would like to read something about the impressions, adventures, and South Pacific experiences of my friend Jakob and me... Read it :-)

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